Regis Umbrella
Regis Umbrella

Regis Umbrella

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 The Regis Umbrella has been manufactured by Australia's most trusted brand in shade. Shelta Australia offers shade solutions which will make your outdoor space both beautiful and comfortable, and will last for years in the harsh Australian climate. 

The Regis Umbrella is part of our premium cantilever umbrella range. Cantilever umbrellas offer a greater amount of shade in comparison with normal umbrellas as the pole is attached to the side of the canopy rather than the middle.  

Our cantilever umbrellas also feature side-to-side rotation and angled-tilt, allowing you to move the umbrella with the sun through the day.

The Regis is our mid-size and price cantilever umbrella. It uniquely features side axis winder handle controlled tilt – to 45º to either side; as well as normal mast axis tilt.

- Winder handle opening and closing
- 360° rotation around the mast 
- LED light mount and compatibility with Shelta's Large and Extra Large wheeled resin bases


 3.5m Octagonal


 Charcoal Ridge




 3m Square

 Charcoal Ridge