Asia Grey Travertine Stone Table

Asia Grey Travertine Stone Table

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The timeless beauty of stone has made this material a favourite choice for our range of tables. Each table is handmade and unique, complete with unique variations and markings. 

- Rust-free powder coated aluminium frame 
- Timeless Style
- Unique natural stone 
- Fitted protective table cover included

 Available sizes:

Size  Price
0.5m SQ Coffee  $549
1 x 0.55m SQ Coffee  $699
0.75m RND Dining   $799
0.75m RND Bar  $749
1.5m SQ Dining  $2699
1.8 x 1m Dining  $2199
2.1 x 1m Dining  $2699
2.4 x 1.2m Dining  $2999