Weeping Trees

Weeping trees are available as tall or short ‘standards’ with the exception of Gleditsia, Morus and Ulmus glabra. Tall standards are approx. 1.8 m high; short standards 1 m.


Here is a Springs big tip for you:

It is important to carefully read the label attached to your tree regarding planting and pruning. Initial pruning back of a bare-root weeping tree at planting time (according to the instructions) will result in a better established root system and a fuller head.



Popular Australian Weeping Trees

  • Weeping cherry tree (prunus pendula)
  • Dwarf weeping cherry tree (prunus glandulosa)
  • Weeping willow tree (salix babylonica)
  • Weeping fig tree (ficus benjamin)
  • Weeping mulberry tree (morus alba pendula)
  • Weeping tea tree (leptospermum madidum)


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