How to make your own Terrarium

Terrariums can be open or closed, indoor plants or succulent/cactus plants can be used. Never put cactus or succulents in a closed terrarium.


1. Clear, colourless glass or plastic container

2. Potting Mix*

3. Horticultural Charcoal

4. Spagnum Moss

5. Plant of Choice

6. Ornaments, pebbles, rocks

*The potting mix needs to match the requirements of the chosen plant

Indoor plants need an African Violet potting mix

Cactus and succulents need a drier cactus and succulent potting mix



Wash the container throughly with warm soapy water, rinse well and dry

Place a layer of pebbles in the bottom

Place a layer of horticultural charcoal on the pebbles

Place some sphagnum moss over the top of the charcoal (this separates the charcoal from the potting mix)

Place the potting mix in such a way as to display your plants in the best way, varying the depth of the potting mix provides visual interest

Rocks and stones can be added

Plant the taller vertical plants first then place the shorter and prostrate plants

*Note - Don't crowd the plants and remove any leaves that are touching the sides

Cover the potting mix with small bebbles

Use a spray bottle to wash potting mix from the sides



Place the terrarium in a brightly lit spot away from any heat sources

An established terrarium will only require watering once a month and only about 25ml

Fertilise infrequently so the plants don't outgrown the terrarium