Container Gardening

Container gardening can help you conserve water and still have a garden.  By choosing the right plant, the right pot, the right potting mix and using efficient irrigation you can achieve an amazing effect.

The benefits of container gardening include

  • Able to have a garden in a confined space
  • Able to move plants around
  • Easier, more efficient soil structure (drainage) care
  • Easier pest management
  • Able to group plants with similar growing needs together

container gardeningcontainer gardening

Toowoomba City is currently on Low level water restrictions (target = 200 litres/person/day) while some of our neighbouring areas are on Medium level water restrictions (target = 200 litre/person/day) with stricter allowed watering times.

There is no time like the present to conserve water.

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Container Gardening using the

Thriller, Spiller, Filler Planting Technique

This design concept utilizes three different types of plants to create well rounded and modern looking containers.

Thrillers are plants that add drama and a vertical element to the combination

Fillers tend to be more rounded or mounded plants to make the container look full

Spillers are trailing plants that hang over the edge of the container

If you’re viewing your container from all sides, the thriller goes in the middle.  If you’re viewing your container from the front plant the thriller in the back.

Using thrillers, fillers and spillers makes container flower gardening simple.  Just be sure to choose plants with the same sunlight and water requirements.

Container GardeningThriller, Filler, Spiller - Example