Attracting Birds, Butterflies and Bees to your Garden

Provide a feast for birds, butterflies and bees in your garden by planting a wide range of plants and following a few simple bits of advice.

All animals need food shelter and water, if you want to attract birds, butterflies and bees to your garden then you will need to provide them with what they need.

Plant native flowering plants that have red, yellow, orange, pink or purple flowers and make sure that you have plants that flower at different times of the year. Different shaped flowers provide interest to you and a food source for a variety of birds and butterflies.
Plant in clumps of swathers so that the little birds have somewhere safe to hide, provide some spiky plants for them to nest in.


Provide a bird bath close to the shrubs and some flat stones and wet sand in a shallow dish for butterflies to paddle in and bees to drink from.

Remember that if you have butterflies you will have caterpillars, your plants will be a food source for them to avoid using pesticides.



BUTTERFLIES: Brachyscome, Clematis, Arthropodium, Goodenia Ovata, Helichrysum, Lomandra, Sytlidium, Pimelea, Buddleija

BIRDS: Acacia, Alyogyne, Anigozanthus, Banksia, Callistemon, Correa,  Eucalyptus, Hakea, Leptospermum, Prostanthera, Hibbertia, Grevillea.

BEES: Callistemon, Westringia, Salvia, Grevillea, Hardenbergia Violaceae, Leptospermum, Hakea, Lavender, Brachyscome, Scaevola, Ceratopetalum.


So pick your favourites and get planting, your garden will be full of life in no time!


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