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Toowoomba is a gorgeous part of the world with many green spaces where residents and visitors alike can relax and enjoy nature. Many of the elements that keep these stunning outdoor recreational spaces pristine and welcoming come from The Springs Garden World. Catering to home gardeners and professional landscape architects alike, our team is proud to offer the finest range of outdoor furniture and gardening products in the Darling Downs region. For more information about our outdoor equipment and garden consultation services, simply contact our friendly team.
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With more than 150 public parks and gardens, Toowoomba is a green oasis as well as being the capital of the Darling Downs. The city's status as a regional centre for business and government services makes it all the more essential to maintain world class outdoor spaces. At our magnificent location you can take advantage of professional gardening consultation services and discover a wonderful range of outdoor furniture, plants, home décor items and gifts. The Springs Garden World is fully dedicated to providing you with the complete outdoor living experience with nursery gifts available. To learn more about our furniture, take a peek at our blog.
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Toowoomba is a popular destination thanks to its well preserved historic buildings and thriving population. Whether you live locally or are just passing through, the team at The Springs Garden World welcomes you to visit our lovely café and garden area. Simply enjoy a coffee in a tranquil setting, pick up a gift for someone special or get inspired to start planning your garden makeover!
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