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Organic Poultry Manure Fertiliser
concentrated into an easy to use pellet

As one of nature’s great soil improvers Poultry Manure is the perfect choice for gardeners looking for an organic, environmentally friendly fertiliser. 

Rocky Point’s ‘Growing Intelligence Experts’ have crafted this premium Poultry Manure blend that has been fully composted and concentrated into an easy to use, pellet form. The pellets contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, along with other essential micronutrients to give your plants more energy for more growth!

The chicken manure is composted and screened prior to pelletising which gives a more nutrient rich concentrated formula. Our Poultry Manure pellets give great organic growing results and are a natural alternative to the use of chemical fertilisers.  

Poultry Manure pellets are easy to spread and allow a more controlled release of organic fertiliser that will slowly dissolve into your soil. This truly is one of nature’s great soil improvers that will nourish your soil, and feed your plants for stronger and tastier yields, all while making the earth better. 

Try some to see how a bit of concentration on our part, can deliver exceptional
results in your garden!


Certified Allowed input






Application Rates:

Home Garden150g–300g per square metre in the vegetable garden and around established shrubs. Suitable for use on natives at lower rates.

Commercial Vegetables & Vine Fruit Production: 500–2500kg/Ha as a pre-plant application depending on the type and quantity of other soil inputs.

Trees Crops250–500kg/Ha depending on age of trees or 500g per tree for each year of the trees age, up to 4kg. Apply under trees with more around the drip line. Apply in Spring and Autumn.

Broad Acre Crops75kg–150kg/Ha in the furrow with the seed as a biological activator.


200 – 1000kg/Ha after grazing in Winter. Over Winter the pellets will incorporate in the top soil and help initiate greater biological activity increasing growth in Spring