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When you’d like to grow more indoor or outdoor plant varieties more successfully, Rocky Point’s Grow More Premium Potting Mix has it in the bag. Simply pop some Grow More into your pots and you’ll soon see how this amazing mix got its name!

Rocky Point’s Grow More Premium Potting Mix has the perfect blend of slow and sustained release fertilisers, formulated to feed your plants for over 9 months. Also containing all the goodness of additional vitamins and minerals, Rocky Point’s Grow More Potting Mix is all you need to grow more plant types more effectively.

This premium mix is ideal for use both indoors or outdoors to help roots grow strong below the surface, and plants grow bigger and brighter above ground!

Rocky Point’s Grow More Premium Potting Mix – a truly versatile and affordable premium grade mix you can use to grow more of what you love in the garden, or in your home!


Benefits of Rocky Point Grow More Premium Potting Mix:

  • Carefully blended fertilisers along with added vitamins and minerals will give a sustained feed for over 9 months.
  • This mix is designed to deliver more nutrients at a higher rate meaning plants will have vibrant leaf and flower growth faster.
  • When customers pot up their plants they will see instant results. Even older or tired plants will be rejuvenated once transplanted into this mix.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor planting.