Belmont & Danske Wicker Dining Setting

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The Belmont and Danske Wicker Dining Setting has been crafted with a combination of durable and complementary materials. Handwoven wicker and honey-toned teak combine to create a setting which is both durable and stylish. 

- All-weather handwoven wicker 
- High UV resistant wicker 
- Durable teak frame
- Sustainable FSC certified teak 
      Table: L230 D100 H78 
      Chair: L62 D76 H76

      Other available table sizes:
      Size  Price
      1.6 x 1.6m Square  $1599
      1.8 x 1m Dining  $1299
      2.3 x 1m Dining  $1599
      2m x 0.9m Bar  $1599