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Gardening in Spring is Easy with Toowoomba's Spring Flower Specialists

Springtime is always a special time for gardeners. With magnificent colours and an amazing range of flowers such as camellias and magnolias coming to bloom, spring is surely the garden enthusiast's favourite month of the year. If you're not sure how to go about gardening in spring, speak to the experts from The Springs Garden World in Toowoomba. Our friendly and fully qualified horticulturists are always on hand to answer your questions. We have a massive selection of fantastic spring flowers including grevilleas, magnolias, camellias and the amazing Magnolia Jane. Come in and visit our nursery today!

Spring gardening

Bloom Season

In the spring, the savvy gardener will clean, sharpen and oil all their tools and get them ready for pruning, especially the secateurs! It's the perfect time to feed the garden with a good organic based fertiliser to help plant life grow and flourish. Spring is also when you can dig up your planted vegetables from winter, turn the soil and add compost. Allowing the soil to be exposed to the sun will control any harmful fungi. After the frosts, you can sow lettuce, beetroot, cabbage, carrots, Chinese cabbage, peas, tomatoes, silver beet, zucchini and much more! If you'd like to add some colour to your garden, we recommend planting plant petunias, everlasting daisies, portulacas, nasturtiums, sunflowers and marigolds. Remember that you must look out for snails and slugs, aphids, scale insects, bronze orange bugs, webbing caterpillars and tea-tree and white cabbage moth larvae.
Spring flowers
Spring flowers

Flower Types

Springtime means flowers! At The Springs Garden World you'll find all your springtime favourites such as Magnolias, Camellias, Dianthus ‘ Memories’ the sale of which raises money for Alzheimer’s research, Geranium Big Pink, Big Red and Big Rose, all the new citrus, as well as deciduous plants in full flower and leaf. Our team can help you make the right decisions to shape your garden appropriately for the season.

To make sure your garden is in full bloom this spring, contact The Springs Garden World today!

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